Ask Monika Liaudinskaitė 22 августа 11:14

Mini Courses

Dear RenderCamp team,

I can't find a way to join the Mini Course. Could you please help me? I wrote to boot, but when I press on the automatic answer with highlighted "RENDER.CAMP", I still can access it.

Best regards,


Answer Антонина Троицкая 22 августа 11:41

Hello! Check it now please, it might be ok)

Answer MARIA SKIADA 22 августа 13:06

Hello I have the same issue with Monika. I can not find how to get access to free mini course! Is it possible to help me?

Follow this link please:|utm_source=value1|utm_medium=value2 Антонина Троицкая 22 августа 19:10
Answer Anonym 26 сентября 19:26
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