Ask Vlada Karelina 25 октября 12:03

Apply information and computer settings required

Hey. I would like to contact a person that could answer me some questions.

Answer Yevhen Shabalin 25 октября 17:23

Hello, clarify your question so that I can answer it.

Answer Vlada Karelina 25 октября 18:31

What are computer settings required?

Answer Yevhen Shabalin 25 октября 22:00

- For the course beignets will be enough at least intel i5/ ryzen 5, 16gb RAM.

- If we are talking about a course for professionals, there we will deal with architecture. For this it is desirable to have a more powerful computer. 

- I recommend intel 9/ ryzen 9, 32-64+ gb RAM for a more comfortable experience. Again, weaker sets will do. 

- You'll have access to quality knowledge anyway. If you can enroll in our course. 

Answer Vlada Karelina 26 октября 17:48

Thank you. On which hours and days the course of the beginners is going on ?

Answer Ann Globina 27 октября 12:25

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 18:00 Paris time

Answer Anonym 27 ноября 09:49
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