Ask Lee Perlstein 10 декабря 2022 18:06

2 questions

1. if i made walls from sepeate boxes

now im trying to select 2 polygon of 2 diffrent boxes to bridge

and cant. only will let me from the same box


2.also when im editing the ploygon and moving the walls it works ok but i cant snap. and when im putting snap on, the extude wont be to the dierection of the wall it will go any dierction/

you can see here snap is off i can extrude fine but cannot snap to the exact corner/


now snap is on and the extrude is like that

Answer Yevhen Shabalin 10 декабря 2022 18:44

You selected 3 polygons

Answer Yevhen Shabalin 10 декабря 2022 18:47

Make sure you have set up the movement (by right-clicking), and before you move, make sure that the desired movement arrow axis is lit up.

Answer Yevhen Shabalin 10 декабря 2022 18:48

Answer Anonym 31 января 06:47
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