Ask Chibuike Mbata 13 декабря 2022 09:38

Resources for the course

I am curious to know if all the resources for the course, just like the free youtube ones I have tried out, are all from paid sites. I know it's not ethical but at this early stage of my archviz journey I do not have the budget for subscriptions on all these platforms although they seem very much worth it. will free alternative sites be provided? also the speed of the lectures of the other free lectures were too fast. it was hard to follow the instructor, is that the same as the paid courses?

thank you

hello, I don’t speak English well, and I translate some words from google translator, I can help with some models that I will have, if necessary, write Zhanat Kubzhanov 11 января 18:56
Answer Yevhen Shabalin 15 декабря 2022 13:36

Courses on YouTube are faster and more concise. In a paid course, we cover a lot more information. As for websites, we don't provide any access, it's up to you to use a licensed or pirated copy. If we are talking about a Pro course, we will tell you how to do what you need on your own. If we are talking about a beginner's course, we provide everything you need. If we are talking about software, there are trial versions.

Answer Anonym 31 января 06:23
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