Ask Anna Chervonenko 11 января 17:31

Interactive rendering


Now I trying your free mini-course

And I can't understand why i have a black picture when try to start Interactive rendering in 2d lesson. What problem can be it? I set all settings exactly as in the lesson. Thank you.

When Interactive rendering window is opening in LightMix tab I see next massage: " Anna Chervonenko 11 января 17:38
Interactive light mixing is currently not possible. To enable it, add at least one LightSelect and one LightMix render element to the scene Anna Chervonenko 11 января 17:42
Answer Irena Poliakova 11 января 18:50

Hello. Not sure why you need a light mix. It has nothing to do with a black render.

1. Check if you upload HDRI to a single map.

2. Check your HDRI map. Drag in the material editor. Maybe you will need to upload it again. If there is a message "no file"

3. Go to render setup - scene. Check the render mask - have to be disabled.

Thank you, Irena! I do all this steps exactly as you showed and told, I checked all a few times, but render is black( Maybe it can be some problems with camera settings? Anna Chervonenko 12 января 00:10
Answer Anonym 31 января 05:07
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